Why Houston?

If you are living in country side Texas, and if you are looking to move to a big city with your family, you might consider moving to Houston, since it offers great possibilities to you and your family. Houston offers a quieter, more family-orientated city, with loads of opportunities for young families.

Your children’s education should be on your list of top priorities when choosing where to move with your family. If you live in Houston, there is a big chance you will find a good school for your kids. Houston also houses four major public universities, as well as several private ones. These schools train young professionals in various branches of science, industry, and humanities, making them an excellent competition on the working market.


Houston is also an important regional center for higher education. Currently, there are 4 universities operating in the city: the University of Houston, the University of Houston–Clear Lake, the University of Houston–Downtown, and the Texas Southern University.
The Texas Medical Center is a large hospital complex containing four medical schools, the largest cancer hospital and the largest children’s hospital in the world. Cancer patients all over the country are being treated here and it has been proclaimed the best cancer hospital in the US.
The city of Houston, Texas is the most diverse city in the United States today, which means it also hosts some major festivals and celebration events throughout the year. The many museums are the pinnacle of Houston’s cultural life, while music halls offer a variety of genres to listen to – from opera and ballet to rock and hip-hop.


With its nickname “The Space City“, the city of Houston, Texas is home to many factories, schools, hospitals, cultural facilities, and not only that: the people of Houston make it a very special place to live. It is estimated that it is the most diverse city in the United States, with over 90 languages being spoken in the area. It is the largest city in the state of Texas and in the Southern United States.
Houston was founded in 1836 and was named after Sam Houston, the president of the former Republic of Texas. Throughout its history, it has become home to many important institutions, probably the most famous being Johnson’s Space Center and its Mission Control Center. We all remember that 1995 movie with its quote “Houston, we have a problem” that depicts the 1970 mission to the Moon.